I am a social entrepreneur­ and currently CEO and co­founder of Authenticitys (www.authenticitys.com), co­founder of Bloom Microventures in Vietnam (www.bloom­microventures.org)as well as former participant in several startup and business development teams for educational projects in Spain. All of these organisations address some of the challenges that our society is facing today, and find creative and social oriented ways to solve them.

My experience is quite diverse. I grew up in Central America and have worked on three different continents including over a decade of experience in projects for public and private institutions. More recently, I have honed my expertise in social innovation as a researcher studying aspects of women social entrepreneurship and personal development through entrepreneurship, having served as a mentor and coach for more than 300 organisations and +5000 entrepreneurs. I am focusing on using integral methodologies for project management and entrepreneurship including Dragon Dreaming, Team Coaching, Art of Hosting and even quantum physics for the development of people in teams, universities and companies.